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Best Friends Forever?

What is AAASwagup?

AAASwagup (pronounced “triple A Swag up”) is a match 3 puzzle fighter, a free-to-play mobile game still in the making. The teaser trailer is composed of fake game play footage. The purpose is to share a game vision in hope to drive enough interest to justify pushing the pipe dream to the next level. Such a scenario should facilitate assembling a dream production team and seek external funding if necessary.

How can I help?

Sharing the love you have for the project can simply mean watching our teaser trailer. But sharing this page or video, subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social medias, would also help.

Why don’t you do a crowdfunding campaign?

Unfortunately, the past has proven that mobile game crowdfunding campaigns aren’t very successful, especially for games based on free-2-play business models.

When will it be available?

It is too early to tell, so follow us to stay in the loop.

Will there be PVP?

Pee Vee Wut?! Seriously, hell yeah! We want both live and asynchronous PVP to be a huge part of the game.

On which devices will it be supported?

Mobile, tablet (iOS & Android)

Who’s behind all this AAASwagup madness?

AAASwagup is being developed by Montreal based game dev studio AAAPowered. We always are keeping an eye open for great talent. Feel free to drop us a line, if you feel like there is a match.

Why “AAA”?

Learn more at AAAPowered’s blog.